NFT Marketplace Refinable Partners With SatoshiWomen To Accelerate Female Artists in NFT Space

Refinable, a leading Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SatoshiWomen, a community dedicated to increasing female representation within the NFT art and blockchain spaces.

As part of this campaign, Refinable will help launch the “Fine SatoshiWomen” campaign, and feature a SatoshiWomen artist on our platform every month. The campaign will start in July with a collection by Hong Kong-based Claudia Chanhoi, otherwise known as “BrainxEyes”.

Long road ahead for greater female NFT representation 

Although the decentralized NFT marketplace gives artists equal and direct access to collectors, the majority of artists making the highest number of sales on the market are predominantly male. The NFT has exploded over the past 12 months, with over $2 billion spent on NFTs during Q1 2021 but only a small portion is attributed to female creators (Source: 

From Beeple to Cryptopunks, there’s a defining aesthetic about NFT art so far, one that is catered towards the male audience. That is why Refinable has decided to side with our female creators by partnering with relevant organizations such as SatoshiWomen, and increasing their exposure within our marketplace to maximize female artist sales.


“We are delighted to work with Refinable on the Fine SatoshiWomen campaign,” said Lyndaine Demetilla and Vivien Khoo, founders of SatoshiWomen. “As experienced industry professionals in the crypto exchange industry, we have witnessed the lack of gender diversity in our sector for far too long. This was the reason why Vivien and I were determined to incubate more female artists around Asia - and hopefully engineers, business executives and more too. Both we and Refinable share the same goal of further showcasing the very best of Asian art, made by talented female creators in the region.”

“Refinable is privilegedthrilled to be part of such an impactful movement like SatoshiWomen.” said Nick Chan, co-founder and CEO of Refinable. “We are dedicated towards building the most accessible, user-friendly and low-cost NFT marketplace for consumers around the world, so that art lovers around the world can enjoy art made anywhere, by anyone. We will continue to support any organization or campaign that shares our worldview.”

BrainxEyes: Female sexuality through humour and sarcasm

(JAJA Tequila commissioned by LoveWatts)       

(Artist Claudia Chanhoi AKA BrainxEyes)

Claudia Chanhoi, AKA BrainxEyes, will be the campaign’s first featured SatoshiWomen artist. With an exclusive client list from JAJA Tequila to exhibitions at Womanish in Chicago and local exhibitions in Hong Kong, Claudia’s work is based on her personal experience as a heterosexual woman in the modern world of dating and her view on female sexuality along with humour and sarcasm. Behind her colourful cartoon-based images, there is always a simple message or a lighthearted joke

With no prior experience and knowledge in crypto, this will be Claudia’s first NFT artwork. She first heard about NFTs when a few of her friends asked if she could mint her own NFTs. Claudia decided to release her first NFT on Refinable because of her friendship with Lyndaine, and believes there are a lot of artists who are interested in NFTs but don’t know where to start and who to reach out to, especially female artists. In her view, the world of cryptocurrency has been dominated by males and giving male artists more opportunities and spotlight in the NFT market. Claudia hopes that the future of NFTs will include and support more female diversity amongst all creators. 

(Close the Pit) by BrainxEyes, 10 Editions 

BrainxEyes’ NFT released on July 7, 2021 9:30 PM GMT+8 at Refinable. “Close the Pit” is a cheeky GIF about a female’s right to say no to any sexual advances. As Claudia would say, “Close your pit if you don’t enjoy the foreign object!”. More details can be found on Refinable’s marketplace.

About Refinable

Refinable is the first dedicated NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain. With investments from Binance and Mr. Beast, we are creating an accessible environment for any user, brand, and community to engage with NFTs. This means providing an ultra low cost, fast, and secure place for retail and crypto users alike.

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About SatoshiWomen

An Asian community with a mission to draw more females into crypto through fun and accessible ways such as creation of NFTs by female artists. 

Contact SatoshiWomen

Email : [email protected]




About Claudia Chanhoi

Claudia’s work is based on her personal experience as a heterosexual woman in the modern world dating and her view on female sexuality along with humour and sarcasm. Behind her colourful cartoon-based images, there is always a simple message or a lighthearted joke. The caption is a very important element to the imagery because she believes a piece of good work is not only visually interesting, but it also needs to serve a purpose.

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Email: [email protected] 

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